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We plan and distribute client's resources in the most effective way in order to ensure the maximum output through mass media.

TV advertisement

  • Concept creation
  • Video production/ Shooting of TV commercials
  • Media planning and monitoring
  • Placement of ads in all TV channel

Radio advertisement

  • Concept creation
  • Advertisement spots recording and placement planning
  • Placement of spots in all radio channels
  • Arrangement of radio programs and sponsorship campaigns


  • Concept creation
  • Design of billboards and banners
  • Printing and placement
  • Placement in special places, required by client

Ads in Newspapers and Magazines

  • Creation of advertisement pages
  • Creation of articles
  • Placement in well-known and large-circulation newspapers and magazines
  • Arrangement of interviews, their edition and publication

Internet Marketing/ on-line advertisement

  • Internet banner concept creation
  • Placement in the popular social networks, web sites\
  • Internet banners' design and animation\
  • On-line promotion

Graphic design and printing

  • Concept creation
  • Logotype
  • Business cards
  • Envelopes
  • Letterheads
  • Folders

Event management/ PR campaigns

  • Events organization, such as:
    • Conferences and Press conferences
    • Expos
    • Grand openings
    • Corporate parties
  • PR Campaigns
    • Strategy development