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To boost our clients' sales by achieving constant availability and the best visibility of their brands across every targeted retail channel.

Merchandising contributes to the sale of products to a retail consumer, ensures visibility of your products, promote and make recognizable your brands

  • Visit trade outlets and supermarkets
  • Monitoring of competitors activities in every sales point
  • Constant control over the shelf space and product stock
  • Negotiations regarding shelf share for products, facing and its lay-out
  • Installation of POS materials in the most visible places of trade outlets: posters, danglers, stickers, etc.
  • Distribution of informational flyers and booklets

Trade motivation programs and retailer loyalty

  • Motivational bonus system for retailers
  • Checking sales figures and knowledge about product
  • Placement of product displays inside the sales points
  • Production assortment maintenance and production priority placement
  • Increasing loyalty of the sales points staff
  • Awarding the prizes in accordance with gained bonuses

Mystery Shopper

  • Reviewing service standards
  • Benchmarking results
  • Setting new targets
  • Measuring and monitoring performance
  • Identifying improvements and opportunities
  • Check availability of POS materials at branches

Consumer promotion / Trade promotion

  • Sampling with young motivated promoters / models
  • Presence in the most visited Points of Sales
  • Experienced promoters presenting and selling product
  • Distribution of flyers, booklets, promo materials etc
  • Attraction of new potential customers
  • Presentation of product advantages to the customers
  • Work with all supermarkets in Armenia

BTL actions with sms mechanism
Customer buys product on which he/she can find a code and send it to the short number of the action and later on as in scenario of chosen action.

  • Scenario 1: Quiz with questions.
  • Scenario 2: The Participant should activate the code. All activated codes during the day will participate in drawing of prizes by the random selection (lotto).
  • Scenario 3: The prizes are hidden under the special codes: xxxxx code means that customer wins LapTop, yyyyyy code – T-shirt, 111111 code - cap, the rest - content!

Customized market research programs

  • Marketing research
  • Competitors Survey
  • CENSUS– creating database of retail outlets by given parameters
  • Retail monitoring– data collection inside of trade outlets
  • Merchandising audit – evaluation of work results of field personnel / agency / distributors

Event Marketing / SPRAY TV

  • Organization of impressive and memorable company events
  • Developing a themed activities, occasion, display, or exhibit (such as a sporting events, music festival, fair, or concert) to promote a product, cause, or organization.
  • Spray TV - in the dark time of the day spray video image with stereo sound on the wall of the building, screen, etc..