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Production of POS materials

Whether it be in a small corner shop or a large hyper-market, POS materials placement will allow maximum brand visibility around the store. It will ensure promotion of corporate identity and increasing loyalty to the company.

Point Of Sales Materials

"Dominant Holding" offers design and production of full range POS materials. POSM - a promo materials which could be placed at points of sale of advertised goods, are used to mark out the advertised brand from competitors, announce promotions, as well as draw attention to a new product or its modification.


Promo Materials

  • Silk printing on pens, lighters, T-shirts, caps, umbrellas, flags, etc.
  • Embroidery on the uniforms, T-shirts, caps, etc.
  • Design and printing of corporate materials (diaries, calendars, etc.)

Promo materials/corporate gifts

  • Silk printing on any surface of corporate gifts, business card holders, Christmas toys, key holders, clocks, USB cards, lighters, plates, coasters, etc.
  • Decal, sublimation printing on mugs

Display - a type of POS material intended for products placement. Is designed to attract attention and interest, stylishly and beautifully represent the product to potential buyer. Text or graphic, which contains information about the brand, could be printed on the surface. Displays are very portable and mobile promo- products.

Product card
Product card - a hard poster showing the range of products and prices. Usually made of cardboard often with drawn relief image or with lamination.

Wobbler / Price Tag/ Product card

  • Wobblers - Wobblers' leg is attached to a wall or counter, the image freely hanging in the air. Wobblers' advantage is: to save space at its location.
  • Price tags and price holders are used to show the prices of goods for consumers.

Dispensers and presenter

  • Dispensers – a type of POS material intended for placement of dispensing promotional materials (leaflets, booklets, etc)
  • Presenter - a type of POS material intended for products placement. Is designed to attract attention and interest, stylishly and beautifully represent the product to potential buyer

Danglers and Neck Hangers

  • Dangler - poster on the rope and/ or the whip. Attached to the ceiling or wall.
  • Neck Hangers - POS material of cardboard or paper, which puts on the bottle to attract attention to the goods. Often used to provide consumers more information on the qualities of the product and its use, conditions and rules of consumption.

Shelf Talkers and Strip-tapes

  • Shelf talkers, Shelf strips - POS materials used for decoration of counters and shelves with goods, literally «Shelf talker» - «speaking shelf» it is usually fastened on the end of the rack shelf or counter. An advertising product for the visual association and the allocation of same brand products on the shelf.
  • Strip-tapes - the holder of goods in the form of tapes, made from various types of plastic or synthetic paper. Strip-tapes are used for demonstration and sale of goods: are small, usually posted in the trade or cash register area.

Floor stickers and Banner flags

  • Floor sticker (floor graphics or advertising) – this is a type of advertising, in which the floor is used as a carrier of promotional information.
  • Banner flags (flag garlands) - are used to draw attention to the place of laying the product or point of its sale.
  • Flags - an inexpensive and effective promo tool. Its feature is the ability to install virtually on any surface: the ceiling, walls or on horizontal surface.

Promotional Posters and Banners

  • Promotional posters - type of POS material, can also be pasted on a rigid base with a foot, providing structural stability. Some posters could be established on the shelf with the goods or on the floor.
  • Banners – design and printing of outdoor banners / billboards and banners which placed at the shop window.

Promo-stands and X-banners

  • Promo-stands (presentation stands) – an advertising device, which are used for promotional campaigns in major stores and supermarkets, shopping centers, etc.
  • X-banners - one of the most simple and ultra-light weight banner stands with 4-point banner on eyelets. Inexpensive tool for any presentations or a complement to the exhibition.

Jumbo (Dummy), Promo Box

  • Jumbo - enlarged models of the advertised product.
  • Dummy (jumbo) - an exact copy of the product packaging or the product itself in much bigger size. Placed on the shelves, floor or in the windows.
  • Promo box - packaging of goods or box designed for promotions.

Light boxes, Growth figures

  • Light boxes - an advertising device with one-or two-sided picture illuminated from the inside. There are floor, wall, hanging light boxes. Are used to attract maximum attention to a product, to lay out the goods in the most profitable way, to inform visitors about the properties of the goods or promotions.
  • Stander - a popular outdoor advertising, usually two-sided design. A small informative board, made of thin steel tubes and removable panels with the image.

Coasters and Beerdekels, Table tents

  • Coasters and Beerdekels – Beerdekels made from absorbing cardboard. Business souvenir as glass holder for glasses. Coasters used I the offices for coffee and tea mugs. Coasters cab be laminated. They are very effective advertising tool.
  • Table tents -Table tents can be printed on one side or two sides – a great way to showcase two offers cost effectively. High quality durable table tents to display menu selections, specials and extra promotions of your business needs

Pallets – Best tool for all kinds of industries' advertising and promotion, widely used in exhibitions, chain-stores, supermarkets to attract potential customer. Made from banner material, cardboard, PVC, etc. Pallet decoration can be simple as well as difficult constructions with displays, toppers, monitors, lights.